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Girl’s best friend is dog who carries her oxygen
After their daughter was diagnosed with a rare lung disease, the Knobloch family had to figure out how their little girl would be able to carry a portable oxygen tank everywhere she went. Mr. Gibbs, a golden doodle puppy, came to their rescue.

“They weren’t sure they wanted to go with a golden doodle,” Kinsleigh told “But she went crazy for him.”

“His job is to go wherever she goes and do whatever she does,” Kinsleigh explains. “If she wants to get on the bike and go down the driveway he has to learn to run alongside. If she’s going to ride on a slide, he has to learn to climb up and slide down behind her.”


Amy Hildebrand (above) is a photographer who was born legally blind from albinism.

Her sight incredibly improved as she grew up, and she was able to gain some sight back with treatment when she was a teenager.

That’s when she picked up photography. She’s now a successful commercial photographer and is on Day 923 of her 1,000 photos a day project.

Woman Born Blind is Now a Photographer

via Digital Visual

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